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Privacy Policy

Declaration of Personal Information Protection Policy
1. We clarify who in our company is responsible for protecting personal information, and develop management systems based on in-house regulations.
2. We acquire and handle personal information appropriately, within the range of necessity to fulfill the purposes that are declared in advance or directly announced beforehand to the party providing the information.
3. We establish countermeasures to prevent the personal information we obtain from being lost, damaged, falsified, leaked, duplicated, etc.
4. When providing personal information to a third party, we handle matters as required by law.
5. We respond as promptly as possible to requests and inquiries properly concerning the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information.
6. We conduct in-house training and education programs and make efforts to thoroughly familiarize all of our employees with the proper handling of personal information, and continually review and update related management systems.