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Experience first-hand the possibilities of full-participation management

We offer showrooms that allow you to experience first-hand the possibilities of full-participation management.
We hope that these tours allow stakeholders to learn about our efforts to become a necessary presence for the world and find potential hints for addressing their own management issues.

This service is for corporate clients. Please understand that we cannot accept requests from individual customers.

Service center showroom (each service center from Kita Kanto to the Tokai region)

It is possible to visit the actual field at service centers (offices and factories) as showrooms. We will coordinate a showroom tour in line with the specific themes you wish to see (takes about 2 hours/fee-charged).
(Examples of themes: Safety, 5S, improvements in productivity, revitalization of small-group activities, sales by production employees, etc.)

  • Tours of offices and factories
    We will provide tours of offices and factories focused on the themes you wish to see.
  • Direct answers to questions by employees
    Our employees working in the field will directly answer your questions.
  • Discussions
    We will exchange opinions on your company's issues.

Marunouchi Showroom (Tokyo Head Office)

Even if you are not able to actually visit a service center, you will be able to have a hands-on experience of Isuzu’s full-participation management through explanations using videos and panels, and if necessary, live broadcasting from service centers (takes about 2 hours).

Isuzu showroom tours How to apply
Application / Set the schedule, location, and details / Day of tour
Information on Isuzu showroom tours Inquiries or applications * Japanese language only
Please contact03-5563-0781if you have any questions (Isuzu Group PR Representative: I-communications Tour Receptionist).
  • Service categories
  • Promotion of growth strategy
  • Strengthening management at production sites
  • Operations process reform
  • Optimization of the supply chain
  • Human resources development and education
  • Improving field capabilities (organizational strength)
  • Strengthening management foundations