Steel Services

To bring new value to the global steel market

In the steel sheet distribution market, which continues to become increasingly globalized, Isuzu deploys its optimal steel sheet distribution services internationally and plays its part to create new value without remaining in its existing sphere as a steel center.
ATOM, our state-of-the-art core system, is the engine to generate new value collaborating with customers that will bring about the new value.
Aiming to fully automate and digitalize the entire process including raw material procurement, ordering, processing and delivery, we will accommodate any customer purchasing strategy and the promotion of business innovation.
What increases the synergy of these functions and services are the solution and management strengths of individuals, organizations and the group. As a strategic partner to our customers, Isuzu will continue to respond unknown expectations and wants across the world.

"ATOM" core system
In 2007, we developed our ATOM core system over six years by combining the knowledge of the Isuzu Group.
The system realizes shipments of the right amount of the right materials at the right time by reducing the lead time between order placement and shipment and leveraging a digitalized and fully automated structure for D+1(next day delivery, whenever an order is placed) system.
ATOM is the engine that generates new value from the value chain in optimal steel sheet distribution.

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Order/Delivery Services

Real time monitoring of information that customers need to know at anytime
We realize a delivery system that helps customers meet their various purchasing and production plans using ATOM, our order-to-delivery total core system. We can also respond to any request in a detailed manner and contribute to increasing customer purchase efficiency, optimizing shipments to customers, and monitoring the entire process, including inventory status, progress in processing, and delivery schedules related to customer orders, at anytime in real time (EDI-connected customers can view the information using their in-house systems).


Optimal Distribution Services

To enable a just-in-time delivery structure
The just-in-time delivery structure can be realized by ATOM, which designs and deploys an overall process including storing, processing, and arranging transportation based on the customer's requested time of delivery. Managing stored products of as much as 22,000tones and as many as 38,000 items down to the number of coils and sheet packages in real time and leveraging the logistics functions of Worlex Corporation and Isuzu Warehouse Corporation, we enable the safer and more precise delivery of valuable customer products and a delivery system that is tailored for the layout and structure of customer storage.


Processing/Quality Control Services

Overwhelming QCD system to support customer upper processes
We are adapting to manufacturer technical innovations, which rapidly advance on a daily basis, while also striving to improve our technologies for treating and processing any sort of material. To respond to recent environmental issues, in particular, we are enhancing our high-strength steel sheet processing.
For example, automated processes, cranes, racking, and threading in the fully automated line directly connected with our ATOM core system enable us to further reduce lead time.
We will also generate the quality that customers demand by compiling a database of more than 100 quality control articles required by customers and further improving our proprietary quality standards and quality control system.


Optimal Procurement Services

Leveraging our robust procurement routes and group network
Customer requirements for steel sheets vary greatly and include factors such as price, quality, workability, and constituent. To supply optimal steel sheets to meet these requirements, Isuzu offers total coordination from procurement to delivery under its group network, strategic marketing, and procurement policies, while providing a long-term stable supply that remains unaffected by the external environment.


Distribution Coordination Services

To create individually optimized distribution that generates information value
Expectations for Isuzu's distribution coordination services are further increasing through our recent outsourcing achievements and the knowledge we built up through those achievements, as well as our expertise in coordinating distribution for customers using our ever-expanding distribution network (partners) inside and outside the Isuzu Group and the numerous IT and BPR solutions we have provided.
Without being bound by the existing distribution process, we will create proprietary newly optimized distribution by facilitating the formation of information and function value chains among steel manufacturers, trading companies, and users.



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