Provided by Service Centers:Real Management Services

Learning about the management issues of our customers and creating a future together

The Isuzu Group is a specialized trading company with more than 60 years of experience in the steel sheet distribution industry.
We will refine our variety of collaborative creation know-how and experience together with customers, logistics network based on our own shipping and distribution function, and vision management through full participation that has discovered and resolved management issues so that it is possible to adapt to all industries and customers, not only steel sheet distribution.
The Isuzu Group creates the future while evolving its own management, and continuing to expand and progress as a partner that learns about the various management issues of all types of customers.

Characteristics of the Isuzu Group’s Real Management Services Real Management Services

  • Characteristic 1 Create an autonomous organization through an approach based on full participation
  • Characteristic 2 Provide tested and proven field knowledge that directly leads to positive management results
  • Characteristic 3 Establish  processes that produce  continuity and evolution rather than transience


  • Steel Services
  • Real Management Services
  • [Category 1] Promotion of growth strategy
  • [Category 2] Strengthening management at production sites
  • [Category 3] Business process reform
  • [Category 4] Optimization of the supply chain
  • [Category 5] Human resources development and education
  • [Category 6] Improving field capabilities (organizational strength)
  • [Category 7] Strengthening management foundations