• Anytime, Anywhere, Pioneering the Forefront
  • A system that creates new workstyles
  • Systems and people working together
  • Collaboration as the daily standard
  • Each and every one, a producer
  • CSR by all employees
  • Changing resources to capital
  • Engagement over participation

No.03 / Isuzu Organizational Change (IOC) activities are directly connected to business administration and activities for the promotion of strategies

Collaboration as the Daily Standard
Isuzu Organizational Change (IOC) activities help to create future corporate value. They promote essential medium-term strategies and functions, which enables Isuzu to be an organization that continues to evolve.
Approximately 60 teams in the Isuzu Group look three years ahead when developing their transformation themes and engage in collaboration with customers and all others within and outside the Group.
Making dreams a reality—the key that enables this is the daily execution of transformation activities. The backbone of Isuzu’s organizational strength can be found in the daily and continual process of transforming our sales procedures, working styles and ways of collaborating with others.

IOC activities = Isuzu Organizational Change activities
  • Our customers’ dreams combined with our dreams

    The starting point of our activities is the dreams held by our customers around the world—their vision of themselves or the matters they would like to realize—and not the challenges they may be facing.
    Collaboration begins when a customer’s dream combines with Isuzu’s dreams in a given market. Isuzu always has more than 50 collaborative projects ongoing with its customers. Every day at Isuzu is a series of endeavors with every customer.

  • Sales by plants, sales by offices… “Sales by all” as the standard

    Should it only be employees in sales positions who serve as a contact point with customers? New challenges and new desires arise each day at our customers’ various organizations and locations (i.e., onsite). The same can be said of our customers’ business administration sites.
    Based on the opinions and desires of such sites, Isuzu on-site employees work together with our customers to find seeds for collaboration. Under Isuzu’s “sales by all” concept, the whole organization—including sales, administrative and manufacturing staff—comes together to nurture those seeds.
    This framework is the foundation for promoting IOC activities.

  • A development process that creates new services and businesses

    There is no single “right” method for the process of creating something new that goes beyond the existing conventions of a market or society. Diverse processes are created according to the collaborative theme and with different approaches, pathways and collaborators. This is why there is never a shortage of seeds for the development of new services and businesses. Value begets value—a virtuous cycle is created at each site.