• Anytime, Anywhere, Pioneering the Forefront
  • A system that creates new workstyles
  • Systems and people working together
  • Collaboration as the daily standard
  • Each and every one, a producer
  • CSR by all employees
  • Changing resources to capital
  • Engagement over participation

No.07 / Business administration that implements and sustains management with the engagement of all employees

Engagement over Participation
There are comments that we hear from many customers who have visited Isuzu. They say, “We were touched by how every employee involved spoke of his or her work with such confidence.” “There is good collaboration between everyone, and I could feel an overall sense of unity.” Or, “Employees are personally and seriously involved in ensuring safety and implementing the 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) methodology.
We want to achieve this at our company, too.”
There is a reason for all this. Many Isuzu employees “engage” in the various activities and trajectory of the company rather than simply “participate.”
  • There is basic training even in engagement

    On the other hand, we also often hear from customers, “We can’t be like Isuzu.” We are confident, however, that there is no truth to this.
    Management with the engagement of all employees is a result of daily efforts. However, these efforts are not necessarily difficult. It is simply a matter of repeating, as an organization, five basic training items, come rain or shine. They may be matters of common sense, yet they are important to carry out as people and as organizations.

  • Engagement in the familiar is the beginning of management with the engagement of all employees

    There is every kind of opportunity for engagement at Isuzu. For example, the editorial process of the in-house newsletter, dealing with customers who visit Isuzu, or taking part in group projects. At first, an employee may be too busy working to stop and take a look around or to have fun working with others. When the time comes, however, they find themselves thinking seriously about and discussing Isuzu as it is today and in the future. We believe such actions are, in themselves, engagement in management. Management with the engagement of all employees starts with the familiar.

  • There are as many different ways of realizing “engagement of all” as there are companies

    We learned through experience that "engagement of all" continues to evolve. This is because we have witnessed it expand from "engagement at one worksite" to "engagement with the whole company," on to "engagement with the vision of our customers" and "engagement with society."
    We also saw that the "engagement of all" differs from company to company, and it has no single, ideal form. This is because corporate cultures, which are the basis of a company's uniqueness and from which brands are born, are not all the same. We would like to create, with our customers, management with the engagement of all employees that is unique to each customer.