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  • A system that creates new workstyles
  • Systems and people working together
  • Collaboration as the daily standard
  • Each and every one, a producer
  • CSR by all employees
  • Changing resources to capital
  • Engagement over participation

No.06 / A human resources development system that makes the most of diversity and boosts independence

Changing resources to capital
Isuzu believes that people are its most valuable assets and resources. As such, it sees their development and education as an important investment in the future and has been working to enrich such opportunities.
Each person has his or her strengths and uniqueness. It is by identifying them and enabling their potential that people blossom as human resources.
If there are 100 people, there are 100 different ways that they achieve growth.
Of importance is not to "nurture" people directly but to create environments that encourage and help people to achieve growth.
We realized this was the key to the continual creation of diverse human resources.
  •  Each with a roadmap for his or her future

    Conventional merit- and ability-based personnel management systems, which promote employees or try to boost their sense of satisfaction toward their jobs, carry the risk of being unable to respond to changes that may occur in the future. But they also triggered the identification of a new mechanism for human resources development. Named Isuzu Value Creation (IVC), its concept is that the self-actualization of each individual leads to the growth of the whole organization. For the organization to nurture new possibilities, the first step is to have each individual develop his or her own intents and dreams and design a roadmap (i.e., career map) for personal growth.

    IVC= Isuzu Value Creation

  • Each as a coach and counselor

    Isuzu does not have a human resources department. Instead, each employee is a counselor who helps develop the careers of others, and a coach who helps them grow. This takes place across organizational boundaries and in any kind of situation.
    There is no way to know when opportunities enabling a particular individual to grow will appear. There is also no way to know what kind of circumstance it will arise in. That is why other employees will ensure that such important opportunities for the growth of another employee will not be missed.

  • Unleashing our talents creates the best opportunity for personal growth

    Off-the-job training, such as acquiring specific knowledge or learning ways to perceive or think about matters, is necessary. But we know that people can grow to an even greater extent if they unleash their talents and launch challenges with a strong sense of mission or when faced with difficulties in real-life work circumstances.
    How great of a field of growth can be created? Can we turn all opportunities into a field of growth? These are questions that we continually ask ourselves as we create opportunities for growth.