• Anytime, Anywhere, Pioneering the Forefront
  • A system that creates new workstyles
  • Systems and people working together
  • Collaboration as the daily standard
  • Each and every one, a producer
  • CSR by all employees
  • Changing resources to capital
  • Engagement over participation

No.05 / Emphasis not on governing but on an autonomous system for the promotion of CSR

CSR by all employees
At Isuzu, we are undertaking the implementation of an autonomous system for the promotion of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is an important obligation for any company. Unlike in a top-down CSR system, employees are also the drivers of Isuzu-style CSR. We realized that this was the implementation of CSR in an Isuzu-like way.
  • Our biggest contribution to society is to fulfill our mission as a company

    There are many ways in which an enterprise can contribute to society. Here at Isuzu, we believe that carrying out our CSR means to translate our corporate philosophy—“to become a presence that is needed by society”—into realistic roles and concerns that we see as essential to our core mission, based on our current management.
    Today, as in the past, we will continue fulfilling these missions because that is our responsibility toward society.

  • No need for exclusive departments or personnel

    At Isuzu, no department or personnel is dedicated exclusively to the promotion of CSR. This is because we believe that CSR is an initiative that requires the involvement of all organizations and employees.
    Members of all organizational affiliations, job systems and work types become promoters of each CSR theme (i.e., Steering Committee) and think about the relevant themes to emphasize related to Isuzu Group management.
    With a view to the changes taking place in the world and their related statutory revisions, as well as the expectations of stakeholders, they formulate and promote annual policies and plans. This is how we evolve and implement our CSR activities as an organization.

  • CSR activities formulated onsite arise one after another

    The recommendations made by the steering committees and their leadership accelerate the speed of the Isuzu Group’s CSR promotion system. But for each of the 14 companies in the Group, the steering committees are only one of the triggers for CSR activities. In fact, each Group company uses the orientation and measures as examples, and, in implementation, translates them into ways and methods that match their particular company. There are as many styles of promoting CSR as there are worksites.