• Anytime, Anywhere, Pioneering the Forefront
  • A system that creates new workstyles
  • Systems and people working together
  • Collaboration as the daily standard
  • Each and every one, a producer
  • CSR by all employees
  • Changing resources to capital
  • Engagement over participation

Trailblazing the Future at Anytime, Anywhere  No.2

Systems and People Working Together
The needs of manufacturing companies are becoming diverse and sophisticated. They include needs for globalization, improvement in quality, cost and delivery (QCD), and reduction of workloads.
Meanwhile, Isuzu’s responsibilities as a good corporate citizen continue to increase in response to Japan’s dwindling birthrate and aging population,
as well as compliance-related matters such as safety and labor management.
The feature of Isuzu-style automation is the maximization of overall plant performance achieved in the presence of various management challenges by having systems and people work together.
  • Optimization of the  whole plant, not just a  production line

    Even if the productivity or safety of a single production line was enhanced, it would not have a real effect unless it had an impact on overall performance.
    Isuzu begins with a vision for the whole plant. The development of production lines and formations comes next with this vision in mind. Automated equipment, such as automated knife setup and storage space management systems, have been installed at steel service centers in Japan, Mexico, Thailand, China and elsewhere, in addition to within the Isuzu Group.

  • Development that does  not dwell on full automation

    Customers who hear the word “automation” might imagine a fully automated, unmanned plant. However, real people work at Isuzu plants. We also offer semi-automated systems, not just fully automated ones.
    There is a reason for this: The objective of automation is not to create a situation where there is no human intervention. Rather, it is to maximize performance.
    In this age where the future is unclear, Isuzu thinks of “automation” and the “formation” of people who operate those systems as a matched pair, creating a system that can respond flexibly to changes in the market.

  • Development begins with  the ideas of Isuzu employees

    Automated knife setup, automated blank layout and automated processes… these are all systems that were born from the ideas of Isuzu employees and developed with the help of partners—at times starting as a handmade Excel spreadsheet.

    Challenges are launched through automation themes that are created by those involved in onsite plant operation—managers who have visions of the kind of plant they would like to see and employees searching for more efficient ways to handle heavy workloads.

    Isuzu’s Automated Systems
    Automated knife setup (fully automatic/semi-automatic), automated separator, automated crane, automated feeder, automated threader, linking of processing data with plants, scratch inspection device, automated warehousing (products and base materials), storage space management systems, automated shipping system, automated blank layout and inter-enterprise electronic data interchange (EDI)