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Trailblazing the Future at Anytime, Anywhere  No.01 / A system that creates new workstyles

The ATOM enterprise system achieves optimization of overall distribution channels
ATOM is the Isuzu Group’s enterprise system. It is what enabled a shortening of internal lead times by 50 percent, a reduction of total costs by 50 percent, and an improvement of processing capabilities, also by 50 percent.

However, this is not a system for simply streamlining basic internal operations. It is a system that shapes processes, including our customer relations.
  • Optimization of the overall distribution channel

    We are a distribution intermediary that serves as a link between steel manufacturers and manufacturing companies. As such, we believe it is important to create a network that enables the real-time understanding of accurate information, which can determine customers’ quality, cost and delivery (QCD).
    ATOM incorporates concepts and mechanisms—such as inter-enterprise electronic data interchange (EDI)—for optimizing the overall distribution channel, not just one’s own company. It contributes to the supply chain management of various companies.

  • The concept of creating new workstyles triggered by the enterprise system

    How can an increase of 100,000 tons in processing volume, which would normally require the addition of a new plant, be accomplished using only existing plants? How can members of a production team create time to carry out sales and promotion?

    System development is considered more than just a means for replacing an existing system. Instead, it can be thought of as a tool that helps employees who use the system create new working styles. That is why many employees are involved from the early phases of development.

  • New development begins as soon as installation is completed

    Work on a system is not completed when installation is complete. It continues to evolve, with further development driven by the responses of those on site after beginning use of the system, as well as requests, etc., made to link the system to other businesses.

    This concept is also utilized in system development at the coil centers of other companies. Development continues today so that we may play a role in helping customers achieve their vision.