• Anytime, Anywhere, Pioneering the Forefront
  • A system that creates new workstyles
  • Systems and people working together
  • Collaboration as the daily standard
  • Each and every one, a producer
  • CSR by all employees
  • Changing resources to capital
  • Engagement over participation

No.04 / Administrative event that encourages the evolution of organizations (general employee meeting)

Each and every one, a producer
It is not that all 800 employees come up to the stage to take turns to speak. What does take place at Isuzu’s annual general meeting is that every employee, whether a new recruit or an executive, has an opportunity to work, plan and create, and to make miracles a reality. It is an internal event, but more than 100 shareholders and customers join us each year to witness it.
  • A drama with all employees as the uncredited actors

    Isuzu’s general employees meeting of is a forum created by all workers. While there are objectives shared by all, there is no written script. Younger employees, and at times even new recruits, serve as moderators, but there are no fixed lines for them to speak. This is so the focus will be on what is taking place in that moment.
    Individuals involved in all projects take turns speaking earnestly about their passions and dreams for Isuzu. There is a dialogue that seeks to include employees in the audience. What kind of a general meeting is this going to be? No one knows until it actually starts.

  • A completely different general employee meeting, each and every year

    Isuzu management has placed emphasis on the Group as being a continually evolving enterprise. Looking ahead to the Isuzu we aspire to become in the long-term, we launch projects each year as an organization with new managerial themes in mind. It is, therefore, only natural that the general employee meeting, which kicks the year off, delineates the transformation theme of the year and differs from past meetings. Replicating the content and processes of previous meetings is inconceivable for a forum that triggers the creation of new transformations and growth.

  • Broader thinking and wider perspectives bring about new actions

    At our general employee meeting, we do not think about Isuzu as it is today but rather Isuzu as it will be in the future. We look for new worldviews that go beyond the conventional thinking and values held today.
    Shifting the paradigm—that’s the framework of our thinking. We know from experience that doing so will change the actions of each employee, starting from the next day.

    From a questionnaire distributed following a general employee meeting